X-Sender: aabrahams@bram.org Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 12:57:30 +0200 To: akenaton_docks@sitec.fr From: Annie Abrahams Subject:SEPARATION Mime-Version: 1.0


bonjour philippe je suis prob beaucoup trop tard, mais si non je voudrais bien proposer: Séparation/Separation acces: http://www.bram.org/rsi/index2.htm (fait avec panoplie.org) pour le numˇro action de docks

bye annie


* Title: Separation/Separation Artist: Annie Abrahams in collaboration with Panoplie.org "'Separation' is a reflective and insightful web work that exhorts us, as fellow digital 'users', to recognise our state of cyborgian seizure as we sit at our screens. The artist's dialogue with her personal computer is a frustrated cry for the liberation of her own tired body from the autism of the machine, locked into its own unrelenting processes. Her halting soliloquy is interspersed with instructions for physical excercise. Through a deliberately obstructive and controlling mode of interactivity and a contrary and playful humour, the work offers a strictly administered programme of eastern style physical therapy for our nerves, muscles and spirits. This work works."


- R Catlow for "aRtisTs At fUrTheRfieLD, weB aRt, PoliTicAL aRt, pOEtrY, cRiTicAl teXt & cReatiVe FrEedOm" april 2003 Separation/Separation acces: http://www.bram.org/rsi/index2.htm