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Nicola Frangione was born in Forenza (PZ), Italy, in 1953. He has been living and working in Monza since 1972, as an interdisciplinary artist experimenting with several techniques: visual arts, publishing graphic arts, music and sound poetry, video and theatre production, visual poetry and mail art. As well as being concerned with visual poetry, he is among the main mail artists in Italy. For about 20 years he has been playing a role in developing and spreading this art in Italy, carrying out projects and organizing itinerant exhibitions and workshops. He has published and produced several art books: the poetry magazine Armadio e Officina (since 1975); the book Osservazioni critiche sulla funzione del nervo ottico nella semiotica dellĠarte (1977); the book ÒThe relativity of language as the enigma of artÓ (1979); Zen and Art and Snapshot (1980); Madame et Theatre (1987). From 1987 to 1995 he directed the publication of the cultural dynamics magazine Harta and managed the multimedia art centre, Osaon, Milan, in tandem with Luigi Bianco. Since 1996 he has been co-ordinating edizioni Harta Performing, concerning Italian performing arts. Research on music and sound poetry has resulted in several records and CDs: Mail Music (LP, 1983); Italic Environments (LP, 1985, edizioni Armadio Officina); Radio Art (CD, 1997); Rapporti orali e trasversalitˆ sonore (CD, 1999). Some of his sound works have been broadcast by national radio stations in: Holland, Sweden, Spain, the USA, Canada, Japan and Italy (RAI uno and RAI tre). Some of his works as video producer were broadcast within TV shows and programmes between 1985 and 1995: Film Maker, Milan; U-TAPE, Ferrara video centre; Tokyo Video Festival; Stockholm Art Video Festival; CMU, Madrid; Arnhem Festival, Holland; Tele +3, Italy etc. He relies on his performances and theatre to take part in numerous international shows and festivals. Some of his latest itinerant works include: Percorsi attraverso percorsi, Italic Environments, Allitterazioni Sonore, Rapporti orali e trasversalitˆ sonore.



"What's your war" (poème visuel - WAR-DOC(K)S)


(Partitions sonores - show d'images - ACTION_DOC(K)S)

"Performing art & utopia concreta" -

(Texte théorique à propos de la performance -ACTION__DOC(K)S - 2003)

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