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Thanks for your latest publication. We have reviewed it and it is now online at our website. Underneath you find the review. Later this summer we will send you our contribution to your next project. Next week we will go on travel and work on your next project during this travel.


Doc(k)s action, série 3, 29/30/31/32/33 - review July 2004


Akenaton Doc(k)s has published another massive book, after a book about web art and war, their latest publication is about performances, happening, action, geste and events. Massive? Because there are more then 448 pages dedicated to this art form. To make this publication more massive a DVD-Rom is enclosed, so that there are not only the written statements and the reproduction of photographs, but also the recordings of events. 3,3 Centimetres of paper about performance art, it is a pleasure to have it and to read it.

As in their earlier books, Akenaton Doc(k)s collected the material from the performance artist and reproduced this material in the book. With almost no editing, they only reduced or enlarged the material to the size of the book. A pure registration of how the performance artist document his activities. We must admit, when we did get their first book we did not liked this way of publishing. But after three books we just believe it is wonderful. Because it is not Akenaton Doc(k)s who decide what is going to get published, but it is the artist him/herself who is able to decide what is getting published and how it looks like.


Just wonderful this publication, we can not get enough while browsing through it. It is impossible to tell how many artists have participated in this publication, we believe it must be about one hundred fifty or less. A good registration and documentation about the current state of performance art.


Available with Akenaton Doc(k)s for 50 Euro.





De Decker Geert

Sztuka Fabryka


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