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Caterina DAVINIO


"Parole virtuali " (catalogue)


"Performance e realtà virtuale" (texte théorique)


"Copia dal vero" (war-docks: projet de performance on line, réalisé à Ajaccio en Juin 2002 dans le cadre de performances X6, Eglise Anglicane)


"Statement on performance "

(ACTION_DOC(K)S - 2003)


"Poesie Visuali "

(Nature_DOC(K)S - 2004-2005)


"L'arme du crime" (L'Arma del Delitto - the Weapon of Crime

Interactive hybrid between representation and reality. Used media of the original work (2002): digital photos, installation of objects: photos, knife, red pillow, text. Internet/Printed version: sequence of three jpg images and text.

(Nature_DOC(K)S - 2004-2005)









TECHNO-POETRY AND VIRTUAL REALITIES, essay by Caterina Davinio about the international new media poetry (ITALIAN/ENGLISH), Publisher: Sometti, Comune di Mantova, 2002. Preface by Eugenio Miccini. pp. 320 ISBN 88-88091-85-8 The landscape of the 90s until 2002: 130 INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS+a special section dedicated to all the video festivals and web projects since 1990. To read the artists' list, a presentation, the bibliopgraphy, and more see -- Net-art: in the world.